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One Hand Screaming

July 2004One Hand Screaming

(Available in Print, eBook) Print ISBN: 9780973568806

A bookstore that hides more than dusty old tomes among its shelves . . . a phantom limb that can reach into the next world . . . a comic that colors lives with terror . . . graves unable to hold their content . . . a collector of haunted artifacts who gets more than he bargains for . . . a deserted northern highway that brings back a man's worst childhood fears . . . a multitude of unleashed horrors on All Hallows Eve . . . an encounter with the bogeyman . . . and more . . .

This collection of chilling fiction and disturbing poetry from the dark mind of Mark Leslie includes previously published award nominees along side original works.


One Hand Screaming is also available in Italian as Una mano che urla translated by Carmelo M. Tidona. (April 2016)

Una Mano Che UrlaUna libreria che conserva più che tomi polverosi sui suoi scaffali, un arto fantasma che può raggiungere l’aldilà, un fumetto che colora le vite della gente col terrore, tombe incapaci di trattenere il loro contenuto, un collezionista di artefatti infestati che ottiene più di ciò che desiderava, un’autostrada del nord deserta che riporta a un uomo le sue peggiori paure infantili, un incontro col babau e altro ancora. Questa raccolta di raggelanti racconti e inquietanti poesie dalla mente oscura di Mark Leslie include opere edite nominate per vari premi assieme a lavori inediti.



Bumps in the Night: Creepy Campfire Tales

August 2011Bumps in the NIght

(Available in eBook)

BUMPS IN THE NIGHT (Approx 10,000 words) is a collection of four short stories perfect for either sharing around a campfire or reading while on a vacation or sleepover. It contains two brief tales ideal for after dark storytelling, drawing upon classic motifs captured within campfire tales for generations, as well as two longer stories which inspire similar chills but allow the reader (or listener) to get drawn deeper into the frightening circumstances that unfold.

ERRATIC CYCLES involves a man stranded on an abandoned highway in Northern Ontario, forcing him to face his childhood fears of the wilderness after dark.

ALMOST draws upon one of the most beloved classic campfire tale situations with a bizarre new twist.

In THE PIZZA MAN, four students keep getting pizza deliveries that they never ordered. Is it a strange prank, or is there something more to the mysterious man who keeps showing up at their door?

THE SHADOW MEN was specifically crafted to be read around a campfire. Pay no attention to those strange noises and bumps in the night taking place while this story unfolds. It's likely only the Shadow Men.


Trick Treats

October 2011Tricky Treats

(Available in eBook)

As the fall brings a chill to the air, escape inside near a warm fire and enjoy a different type of chill. Tricky Treats collects three previously published Halloween stories by Mark Leslie that feature strange unworldly visitors who show up on All Hallow's Eve to unleash eerie new chills onto the world.

On a single night of the year, the dead are allowed to leave their graves and roam around. But one recently departed man yearns to visit his best friend and share a little bit about what he has learned about the afterlife.

Poor Percy made a promise to his dying wife that he wouldn't bury his wife after she died, but would keep her body in the bed upstairs. This makes him the creepy old guy down the street that neighborhood kids love to play pranks on. At least, that's who Percy thinks is stalking around outside his house one Halloween.

Danny Kleinner, a lonely twenty-something, has a run-in with Satan at a modern day crossroads (a city convenience store) one fateful evening on the last day of October.