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Friday Jan 18, 2019

FICTION:  I, Death


AUTHOR’S NOTEThe original story “I, Death” was something I wrote for a Grade 11 free-writing exercise. The original hand-written tale was perhaps 1000 words long and was written in a one hour period where our English teacher, Mr. Gary Fuhrman, asked us to write anything we wanted during this period. It could be a story, an essay, a picture, a doodle, a tic-tac-toe game — whatever. It didn’t matter what we wrote, just that we had free time to do something creative.

I loved those writing sessions, and I regularly used it as time to compose a story. “I, Death” is one of those stories.

I ended up returning to the character from this story a few years later when I was in University, and wrote a longer story entitled “Sin Eater” – I wanted to see where my narrator might be a few years later.

Flash forward several years, and I ended up re-crafting both those stories into a novella length project that I rolled out on a blog as a web-journal, in real time between January and September of 2006. That project ended up getting adapted into a novel that was published in 2014.

But, this is the raw and unedited story that I originally scribbled when I was an angsty 17 year old, much like Peter. This is the first time I have publicly shared this original story.

– Mark Leslie Lefebvre, Jan 18, 2019


I, Death

I open the door to my room, toss my books into the corner and throw myself onto the bed. Oh, what a headache; what a day.

Maybe I should stop here and explain myself to anyone reading this.

First of all, my name is Peter O’Mallick. I was orphaned at age three, when, as I’m told, my parents and my older brother were killed when our house burnt down. From then on I lived with my Aunt Shelly and Uncle Bob. They’re nice people – I mean, they’ve been my parents ever since my folks died. And now, well, I guess that I should start at the beginning.

High school, for me, was okay. The classes weren’t exciting or anything, but I guess that’s the way school is. Oh yes, I should mention something major that happened to me back in grade ten that shook me up. I believe it has to do with my problem.

My best friend, Donny, died when we were out hunting together. It was strange, because everything was peaceful until that rabbit hopped by and Donny started to chase it. Well, he tripped, with the gun loaded; and I didn’t see exactly how he landed, but I heard the gun fire.

I cried for months.

I know it seems cruel that I cried for my friend and not for my parents, but you must understand one thing. I didn’t even know my family, much less know the pain of losing them. If I had been older when they died in the fire, I’d have remembered, and things would have been different. But as it was, Donny was the first one who I lost.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this day hasn’t been too great. As a matter of fact, this week hasn’t been a joy to live through either.

Saturday, when I called my girlfriend on the phone, she was crying and told me that her father had less than a week to live. It was some type of internal cancer that had gone undetected for months. I tried to console her, but she exploded at me. When I went over she wouldn’t come to the door. I guess she didn’t know how to take it.

She hasn’t been to school all week either and no one answers the phone. What bothers me is the fact that Sarah’s father and I never got along and many times when I was over he ended up kicking me out over arguments that we would get into. It’s only now that I see the connection to his fatal diagnosis.

On Monday, I went to school. Like I said, Sarah didn’t go, so I walked alone. At school I talked with a group of friends; they were the group that I partied with and hung out with when I wasn’t with Sarah.

“So when’s Cottman going to throw the big test at us?” I asked as we sat at a table in the cafeteria. Cottman, by the way, is our history teacher.

“Wednesday, I think,” Todd said.

“Ah screw that,”Ken cursed. I can still remember the hopeless expression on his face as he threw his books on the table and then looked around at us, smiling. “How about having a party Tuesday?”

“Right, idiot,” Greg remarked.

“Why the hell not?” Tom called from the end of the table. “We’ll get so blasted, man. We’re gonna fail anyway, right? We might as well flunk in style, cause there’s no way any of us could pass the test even if we do study.”

“Yeah, right on!”Ken cheered, still smiling proudly.

“Sounds okay,” Neil muttered.

“It’s better than flunking the test without having a good time,” I said.

“Okay guys,” Todd grinned. “But where?”

“Ya jerks!” Greg spat out. “Like where will we party?”

Jason leaned forward and spoke loud enough so that only we could hear him. “At the pit! You know, the old dump. Just the seven of us.”

Anways, we agreed on the party. I planned on telling Aunt Shelly that I was going to be at work late. I might as well skip the rest of what happened between our decision and the party. It’s mostly unimportant. Life’s like that – too much damned detail.

The party was great, a real relief from the coming test. I was so stoned that it’s a wonder I even remember that night. But as it was, I do.

Now that I think of it, I find it strange that Todd didn’t smoke anything; he even shied away from drinking heavily – it was as if he had sensed that something would go wrong. At the time, though, I wasn’t concerned with Todd. Jason and I were sharing a joint and a beer, singing “Rock Me To Hell” by the Clann.

“Hit it to me baby!” I screamed.

Jason responded by clenching his fists and throwing the empty beer can into the fire. With a higher pitched voice than mine he continued the song. “Down on your knees!”

“Rock me to hell, baby!” We bellowed together.

Again, Jason acted out his line. He jumped on the rock where I was sitting and pushed me off. His hands moved about suggestively as he thrust his pelvis forward. He finished the tun this way, screaming the words: “Oh blow me a breeze.”

Greg and Ken were laughing. I know that everyone was laughing, but they were the loudest.

Laughing also, I got to my feet and looked at Jason. He met my gaze and we smiled at each other. Then he collapsed in front of me, throwing up as he fell. The gang laughed more.

“Great stage show!” Greg said. “Especially the part where he pukes.”

“Yeah,” Ken burped. “Nice show. But the singing has to go.”

I remember laughing some more. Then I remember that Jason wouldn’t get up. Todd, being the most sober of our bunch, checked Jason’s pulse, or something like that.

The next thing that I remember was waking up at home. From what my uncle had told me, he had been out looking for me that night – because he found out that I wasn’t at work – when Todd found him. Todd had told him about Jason, and Uncle Bob called the emergency center. After a few hours in the hospital, my uncle said, Jason had died. It was alcohol poisoning.

That day, Wednesday, I didn’t go to school. I had wanted to, but Aunt Shelly made me stay at home, insisting that I neeeded rest and time to think. She never talked to me that day much either. I don’t think I should have blamed her though; I did lie about where I was to be the night before.

Thursday, this morning, she let me go to school.

“Come right home after your last class,” she said.

I glared at her before walking out the door.

I don’t remember if all the guys were at school, and I don’t think that it matters. What does matter is that I heard my name being called on the public address system. I was wanted in the office.

When I got to the office, a school secretary handed me a phone. Uncle Bob was on the line. He was calling from the hospital. Aunt Shelly had died of a heart attack.

After returning home from school, I carefully placed my school books on the dining room table and waited for my uncle to come home.

I don’t remember picking it up, but I had a picture of my aunt and uncle in my hands. It was a Christmas picture and they were standing in front of the tree. It had sat on the television set for a long as I can remember. and it was only now that I cared to look at it, to really examine it. I studied their young faces, so full of love. Love they had given to me – love that I had never truly acknowledged or even opening returned. There was too much pain in my heart to cry – even now, no tears fall as I think back.

After a while, I don’t know how long, I heard the door open. I got up and walked towards Uncle Bob. His eyes were red and blurry, and tears streaked down his face. I put the picture down and held my arms out to him. He needed me. His wife – his whole life – was gone. He looked deeply into my eyes, searching for hope, for pity. That was when he bakced away. His eyes filled with terror, as if I were some horrible demon that had come to claim his soul.

He backed into the refrigerator, his mouth open as if to scream.

He must have known what I found out only now.

He clutched his chest and fell to the kitchen floor on his face.

The crunch of his nose sent shivers up my spine, and I turned and picked up my books, refusing to believe what had jappened, what I was.

Only now do I realize what killed him, what killed Aunt Shelly, Jason, Sarah’s dad, Donny and my family. I sit here with the idea stirring in my mind, recalling the events  on paper. I know that details are unclear in some parts; I chose to ignore most of it because now that I understand what I am, I know so little.

I still don’t know pain, or tears.

I know only one thing; that I am death.

I have killed many. Those who were close seem to have fallen prey to my underlying nature. I’m not sure how it works or how it decides what the cause of death in my victims will be, but I’m almost positive that it works through the eyes.

I cannot live knowing what I know, doing what I do. These pages, found here in my room on my desk, along with my body, are the only witness to the horror that I’ve lived.

Reader, you may believe what you will. Just be glad that I will not be alive to have a chance to befriend you.

When I finish writing these words I will walk across the room and gaze intently into the mirror.

For as long as it takes.


— END —


The novel I, Death, featuring a much longer story about Peter, is available in eBook and paperback format



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Friday, Jan 18, 2019: FICTION: “I, Death” – The original short story that was eventually adapted into the novel of the same name. Peter O’Mallick has a death curse. Everyone he knows and loves seems to be dying because of this curse. How can he stop it? (FacebookLive Reading)