While access to publishing is easier than it has ever been before, it takes reflecting on what’s possible and determing your own unique path. That’s what the Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing Podcast is about.

See below for a list of the latest episodes of a weekly podcast that started in January 2018 at www.starkreflections.ca and is released weekly every Friday.

Access to publishing has never been easier, and it is an amazing time to be a writer. But it may also be harder than it has ever been. You currently have more choices, more options, more possibilities than ever in the history of publishing.

What paths are right for you on your writing journey?

Drawing upon more than a quarter century of experience as a bookseller, a writer, an editor and a respected and trusted book industry representative, Mark Leslie Lefebvre provides context to help you make informed decisions to build your own writing and publishing life.

Along with interviews with folks from both the traditional publishing and indie-publishing communities, Mark will share his own personal experiences as a writer and industry consultant.

One of my greatest passions for the last ten plus years has been working with and helping writers with the various questions, concerns and frustrations they have understanding the publishing landscape and the many options they regularly face.

I started the Stark Reflections on Writing & Publishing podcast as a way to continue to provide insights and perspective to authors and other publishing professionals. I have set up a Patreon account for those who are interested in supporting this podcast and also gaining access to additional exclusive Patreon-only content.

THANK YOU to the Patrons who are supporting the Stark Reflections podcast.


Episode 1 (Jan 5, 2018) – New Year, New Reflections

Episode 2 (Jan 12, 2018) – Living the Healthy Writer’s Life with Joanna Penn

Episode 3 (Jan 19, 2018) – Digital Reading Data with Sinead McElhinney from Kobo

Episode 4 (Jan 26, 2018) – Optimizing Your Author Brand with Robert J. Sawyer

Episode 5 (Feb 2, 2018) – Global Audiobook Opportunities for Writers with Kelly Lytle

Episode 6 (Feb 9, 2018) – 3 Things That Are Wrong With Indie Publishing

Episode 7 (Feb 16, 2018) Picturing Creative Balance with Scott King

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