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A list of resources, links, updates, and more related to the Wide for the Win Book released in March 2021.

Universal Book Link to most online retailers


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Ask for the book at your favorite local bookstore or library.

Paperback (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookmanager (Canadian indie bookstores), BAM! (Books-A-Million), Eden Books, IndieBound.org (US indie bookstores), Indigo (Canadian chain bookstore), Powell’s (US Indie bookstores), Words Worth Books (Local Indie Bookstore near Mark)

Helpful Links / Related Information

Glossary of Terms (As Defined by Mark in WIDE FOR THE WIN)

Online Glossary

WIDE FOR THE WIN Facebook Group

MISC Retailer Info/Updates since the Book’s Release

  • Chapters/Indigo (Canadian Book Chain) – Books made available for wide distribution through Ingram Spark/Draft2Digital Print/etc no longer automatically populate this Canadian retailer website (the same way they do Amazon, Barnes & Noble, WHSmith, etc). You need to contact them and share information about your title to the Master Data team (masterdata@indigo.ca). Please note that Indigo requires a MINIMUM discount available for listing the title. (If you’re using Amazon’s “extended distribution” for POD, you’re going to be flat out of luck).
  • Barnes & Noble / B&N Press – At the time of writing the first edition of the book (no, there’s isn’t yet a second edition), setting a price to free via the B&N Press platform was not possible. At least not easily. There was a complicated work-around required in order to do that. Since the release of the book that has changed.
  • Kobo/OverDrive – OverDrive had, for a short time period, been owned by Rakuten, Inc. (the same parent company that owns Kobo). But they are no longer a child company of Rakuten.
  • Kobo Writing Life – In May 2020, Kobo Writing Life introduced Cost Per Checkout for OverDrive’s catalogue. Prior to this, the only option was the One Copy One user model. Authors don’t have control over these two options. If you accept distribution to OverDrive, you accept for both OCOU and CPC.
  • Draft2Digital/Smashwords – In Feb of 2022 it was announced that Draft2Digital and Smashwords would be merging together, with focus on Draft2Digital focusing on publishing (and merging the best of both platforms), and a focus on Smashwords.com being a storefront. There would be multiple phases to this process, likely taking until the end of 2023 before it was completed. [UPDATE – in December 2022, Draft2Digital announced the ability to push a button to publish to the Smashwords store].
  • Google Play – In December 2022 Google Play Books Partner Center announced significant improvements to their AI narration process, which continues to be free for authors. Authors have the ability to adjust/tweak/correct improperly spoken words from the AI, and can download the converted files, provided they make the AI audiobook available for sale at Google. (Kobo Writing Life accepts AI generated content). Among the improvements Google Play announced are the ability to use multiple narrators for a single book project and create “duet” style AI narrated books.

Helpful Resources

  • Susie O’Connell’s GO WIDE/NEW AUTHOR Blueprint (Facebook Link – You have to be a member of the Wide for the Win Facebook group in order for this link to work for you)
  • Universal Book Links – Universal Book Links (or UBLs) are web links created by a service such as Books2Read that act as a single link to multiple platforms for a book. This type of link is considered far more acceptable and inclusive when used in the back of an ePub file, rather than all the links to all the retailers. Many retailers will not accept links to other retailers/competitors in a book listed in their online catalog. Examples below:

Helpful Videos (YouTube Links)

Views on Wide vs Exclusivity

General Book Industry Trend Info & General Tips

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