Media Kit

Please note that, due to the different roles/hats Mark wears in writing/publishing communities, there are three different media kits customized for each need.

Each link is either a downloadable image or PDF file. Right click and “save as” to download the file.


Bust – by Lauren Lang (High Res Print)

Horror / Ghost Story Author: Mark with Skull

Bust – by Trevor Schneider (High Res Print)

Laughing (White Background) – by Trevor Schneider

Serious – Hands on Knee – by Trevor Schneider

Smiling – Hands on Knee – by Trevor Schneider

Wry Grin – Spooky Background – by Lauren Lang

Mark Holding eBook Reader

Mark (Horror Author) – by Peter Rainford (150 pixels)

Caricature as Horror Writer – by Artist Seth Wilks