Publishing Pitfalls

This landing page is meant to accompany the August 2021 book Publishing Pitfalls for Authors by offering handy links to recommended resources and references used in the book.

There has never been more opportunity, more options, more pathways for writers.

But with choice come potential pitfalls, traps, and career-limiting plays.

Some of the perils writers might encounter on their writing and publishing journey come from nefarious operators seeking to prey on the hopes and dreams of writers. Other dangers might even come from within, tendencies and traits that authors sometimes overlook; misunderstood information, or potentially even well-intended, but misguided and misinformed advice picked up along the way.

This book, which draws upon more than three decades of experience in writing, publishing, and bookselling, explores those pitfalls and hazards that writers should be aware of so they can navigate their own pathway to writing and publishing success.

Handy Resources & References