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I hope that you found my presentation on Optimizing Sales and Profit with eBooks and Digital Publishing useful. Click the link below to download the full presentation.

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As a special bonus for Superstars Writing Seminars you can download the eBook version of my book The 7 P’s of Publishing (Available on Kindle, Kobo, Apple, Nook, etc thanks to Bookfunnel)

The 7 P’s of Publishing Success is a look at the common traits and strategies that the most successful authors use. It uses examples from both traditional publishing and self-publishing to outline how Practice, Professionalism, Patience, Progression, Persistence, Partnership, Patronage (and even a bonus P: Promotion) can help guide you on your writing and publishing journey.

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Also, you can sign up to receive a free 10 day email course on KOBO HACKS FOR OPTIMIZING SALES. The emails are less than 500 words and many contain images to provide an overview and introduction to Kobo in the first couple of emails, then a look at ways to optimize and sell more. (It’s basically the “Reader’s Digest” version of my KILLING IT ON KOBO book) – see, you can enjoy a shorter version of the same insights for FREE… time and money…..


You may also enjoy listening to my free weekly podcast called Stark Reflections on Writing & Publishing. New episodes are published each Friday.

Snippets from the information shared in the podcast and via various talks I have given also appear on my Stark Reflections YouTube playlist.  (Sample, above of A Super Brief History of Publishing from a talk I gave at the 30th Anniversary Writers of the Future.

If you are interested in a 1:1 consultation session, I offer a free 20 minute chat that we can do via video. Please see my Consulting page to book a time that is convenient for you.