This landing page contains resources, info & other helpful downloads and links for members of the WMG Business Master Class 2018.

This landing page was created by Mark Leslie Lefebvre – any incorrect info or goof-ups are completely due to my own error/mistakes and are not the fault of WMG or any of the awesome instructors or folks who allowed me to share the info here.

SPECIAL OFFER FROM Kris & Dean for Next Year’s Business Master Class (Friday Oct 25th through Wed Oct 30th, 2019). Due to the much higher costs of the conference space/etc in Vegas, the rates will be going up to at least $750 USD (likely higher) for next year. However, for this year’s attendees only, if you book before Nov 1, 2018, you can get in for $650 USD.

Email Dean at dean@deanwesleysmith.com and let him know so you can lock in this rate or fill out this form.

FREE eBook from Mark

(Available on Kindle, Kobo, Apple, Nook, etc thanks to Bookfunnel’s great “Tex” support)

The 7 P’s of Publishing Success is a look at the common traits and strategies that the most successful authors use. It uses examples from both traditional publishing and self-publishing to outline how Practice, Professionalism, Patience, Progression, Persistence, Partnership, Patronage (and even a bonus P: Promotion) can help guide you on your writing and publishing journey.

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Also, you can sign up to receive a free 10 day email course on KOBO HACKS FOR OPTIMIZING SALES. The emails are less than 500 words and many contain images to provide an overview and introduction to Kobo in the first couple of emails, then a look at ways to optimize and sell more. (It’s basically the “Reader’s Digest” version of my new KILLING IT ON KOBO book) – see, you can enjoy a shorter version of the same insights for FREE…..save time and money…..


How To Deal With A Firehose of Information (Episode 44 of the Stark Reflections on Writing & Publishing Podcast)

Having just spent six days at the WMG Business Master Class workshop, Mark reflects on the overwhelming and head-spinning influx of information, insight, wisdom, ideas, inspiriation, and perspective that he had just taken in. This episode is an attempt to recapture some of the advice and tips shared in one of the final sessions at the workshop on triaging all the overwhelming info.


Mark’s PDF Basic Publishing Insights Presentation Slides

StarkPublishing_HighLevelBasicInsightsPublishingBusiness (PDF) – “Understanding the Business of Writing & Publishing” Slides

Adapted from a presentation Mark has done on the opportunities that exist for writers. A high level overview of the business of writing and publishing.



There’s a zip line in downtown Vegas that a bunch of the attending writers couldn’t resist trying out. Below is a video made by Dean Wesley Smith, who had a GoPro strapped to his head for the ride. Count how many times Dean says “Holy Shit!” during his flight down Fremont Street.



A WORD document template that you can use to send to podcast or radio hosts in advance of an interview. It contains all of the information that a host is likely to need to make for a much easier interview process. Feel free to grab this template and adjust it to suit your own personal needs.


LIBRARY RESOURCES (from Rachel Amplett)

A list of Library Distributors (Excel – will open in Google Drive):

An example of a one-page sell-sheet for Scared to Death (Word – will open in Google Drive). Used for quickly conveying information to librarians for deciding to purchase. This type of sheet is also useful for merchandisers/buyers at bookstores and is similar to the one really good sales reps present to buyers/booksellers for the top 10 to 20 titles they are presenting from catalogs of thousands of forthcoming releases.



One More Story Games





Mark’s “FREE” Promotion on KOBO

A detailed analytical look at the use of a “Free eBook” paid promo on Kobo. What worked? What didn’t work? What were the goals for the promo? What were the results?

PDF file – Kobo FREE eBook Promotion Details & Analysis


Andrea Pearson’s Marketing Presentation Slides


Bookfunnel Related Content


Author Branding


Social Media


Kevin & Rebecca’s THE BIG EVENT


Donna Cooks – Cash Flow

  • Easy Money Mastery & PowerTool mentioned by Donna in her presentation. (Special WMG discounted price expires Nov 1st)
  • REMEMBER: “If you can’t have $10 and not spend it, you’ll never have $100 and not spend it, never have $1000 and not spent it, etc, etc, etc…”
  • Recommended Books:  The Barefoot Investor. The Richest Man Who Ever Lived. Profit First. Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.


Donna Cook – IP Bibliography Tracking & Production Resources

  • Word template (“Master Title Links and Info Individual BLANK“) used for both title info and links, and platform info and links. Donna’s assistant fills out this information for each new title as it goes through production, then merges it into a doc that has all the titles.
  • So people can see how this might look when filled out, there is a PDF showing various sections of Donna’s master title doc for Jordyn White (She keeps a separate doc for each pen name, plus one for the author she publishes under her house).
  • Managing IP in this way would be a PAIN without using the navigation pane. In case people don’t know how to do that, please see this extremely helpful video.
  • TIP for anyone just starting an IP bibliography who is feeling overwhelmed: Get your basic doc set up and just add as you go. If you have to look up a link for something else, open up your master doc and plop it in while you’re at it. Over time, you’ll have more and more of whatever you need in one place. 
  • Title production templates. Here are two examples of a title production template, one for Word, one for Asana users. Individual tasks will vary project to project (I tweak this frequently, especially the marketing sections as strategies change)
    • The Word doc (“Title Process Template Example“) is much older and Donna’s marketing tasks look almost nothing like this now. But it gives an idea of how small tasks can be organized into chunks. Donna would print these pages for each book as they went into production and hand write due dates in the spaces provided.
      • She would then schedule in Google calendar with a task that read simply “[TITLE] LOG” or “[TITLE] PRELIM” (to easily see at a glance what was up, because Google only shows a few characters of your task), then go to the sheet to see what had to be worked on that day. This worked great when she was a solopreneur.
      • Donna switched to Asana once she brought on a VA. A few people asked for her Asana template, but unfortunately, she could only export it as a PDF. Tasks have a little box in front of them, with a description of the task underneath, if there is one. Sub-tasks also have a little box and are indented. Major sections don’t have a task and always end with a colon. Donna minimizes the use of sub-tasks because those don’t show up in Asana’s calendar.
  • Ad/Teaser master doc. This is used for keeping track of ad blurbs and teaser graphics/blurbs. Donna has included both the template and some example pages of how it looks in use. Again, the navigation pane is what makes all her various master documents work. (Make sure to check out that video link above)
    6. Best practices for Large Print: http://acb.org/large-print-guidelines

Fiction IP Valuation (Dean)