Creepy Capital: Ghost Stories of Ottawa and the National Capital Region

Tomes of Terror: Haunted Bookstores and Libraries

Spooky Sudbury: True Tales of the Eerie & Unexplained

(Dundurn Press) - Sept 2013. 264 pages
Paperback ISBN: 9781459719231 - $24.99 Cdn / ePub ISBN: 9781459719255 - $11.99 Cdn

"I tried to leave" is a common theme for those from the Sudbury region. People often vow to move away, but something about the Nickel City keeps luring them back. Whether it's the taste of fresh air -- or just the sulphur in the air -- it's hard to move beyond the black rocks, endless lakes, and great openness without longing to come home.Some are so attached to the northern community that they choose to stick around, even when their physical life is over. After all, if the living can't leave the place behind, why should the dead? Spooky Sudbury explores the magnetic aura surrounding the city, for the living as well as the once-alive, in these tales of the supernatural.


Haunted Hamilton: The Ghosts of Dundurn Castle and Other Steeltown Shivers 
(Dundurn Press) - August 2012. 192 pages
Paperback ISBN: 9781459704015 - $24.99 Cdn / ePub ISBN: 9781459704039 - $11.99 Cdn

From the Hermitage ruins to Dundurn Castle, from the Customs House to Stoney Creek Battlefield Park, the city of Hamilton, Ontario, is steeped in a rich history and culture. But beneath the surface of the Steel City there dwells a darker heart — from the shadows of yesteryear arise unexplainable, bizarre, and chilling encounters with the paranormal.

Lock the doors and turn on all the lights before you settle down with this book, because once you begin to read about the strange, eerie, and supernatural elements that lurk within a seemingly normal city in Southern Ontario, strange bumps in the night will take on new, more sinister meanings. Prepare to be thrilled and chilled with this collection of tales compiled from historical documents, first-person accounts, and the files of the paranormal group Haunted Hamilton, which has been investigating and celebrating Hamilton's historic haunted past since 1999.

Available in Hamilton at Bryan Prince, Epic Books as well as Chapters/Indigo and Amazon. Check your favourite indie bookstore.

Ebook available on Kobo, Amazon and other eBook retailers



Evasion - June 2014

(Available in PRINT, eBook and Audio) Paperback ISBN:  9780973568851

There's nowhere to hide when everybody you know or meet is trying to kill you. Scotty Desmond's day begins like any other until his boss calls him into the office, pulls out a gun and starts shooting at him. Scott manages to escape the surprise assassination attempt, but everyone else he meets, colleagues, friends and strangers alike are all similarly obsessed with killing him. Will Scott survive long enough to understand what is behind the relentless attacks and how it might relate to the investigation into his father's mysterious death?

I, Death
(Atomic Fez) - October 2014

Paperback ISBN: 9781927609033  $17.95 US / $19.95 CAN / Ebook

On the surface, Peter O'Mallick is just another teenager suffering through the pain and angst of lost love and the frustrations of too much homework and too little time to hang out with his friends. But below the surface lurks a terrifying power O'Mallick is barely able to control begins to surge forth, killing those closest to him. Can O'Mallick control the Death curse coursing through his veins or is he destined to watch in horror as all those around him continue to drop like proverbial flies.

(Though the print book isn't going to be released until the winter/spinrg of 2013, the terror begins for free online via O'Mallick's blog - the first 3rd of the novel will be told in real time - online)


Tesseracts 16: Parnassus Unbound (Anthology - Editor)
(Edge Publishing) - September 2012
Paperback / Ebook

This anthology joins a 25+ year Canadian literary legacy that features the writing and editing of more than 250 of Canada’s best known authors. The theme for Tesseracts Sixteen is “Parnassus Unbound” and the stories focus on art, music, literature and cultural elements.

Authors included in T16:  Neil Peart & Kevin J. Anderson, Robert J. Sawyer, Ryan Oakley, Steve Vernon, Hugh A. D. Spencer, Sandra Kasturi, Michael Kelly, Rebecca Senese, Randy McCharles, Chadwick Ginther, Stephen Kotowych, Carolyn Clink, J. J. Steinfeld, David Clink, Robert H. Beer, Leia Getty, Scott Overton, Sean Costello, Virginia O’Dine, Melissa Yuan-Innes, Derwin Mak, Kimberly Foottit, Matthew Jordan Schmidt, Adria Laycraft & Jeff Hughes


Campus Chills

Chilling tales born from the dark shadows of campuses across Canada.  Featuring thirteen all original tales of terror by talented Canadian authors.


  • SHORT STORY: "Some Are Born to Save the World" 2113: Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush edited by Kevin J. Anderson & John McFetridge (April 2016)
  • SHORT STORY: "Impressions in the Snow" Fiction River: Sparks edited by Rebecca Moesta (April 2016)
  • SHORT STORY:  "Hereinafter Referred to as the Ghost" Tesseracts Seventeen edited by Colleen Anderson and Steve Vernon (October 2013)
  • SHORT STORY: "Face in the Window" From Beyond The Grave (edited by Michael J. Evans) - co-authored with Carol Weekes (July 2013)
  • EBOOK: (SHORT STORY): Memento Mori (June 2013)
  • EBOOK: (SHORT STORY): Collateral Damage - also a limited to 100 numbered copies print edition (April 2013)
  • SHORT STORY: "Memento Mori" (Dissections March 2013 Issue) - simultaneously published in print in Sulphur: Laurentian University Journal/Anthology
  • EBOOK: (SHORT STORY): A Murder of Scarecrows (March 2013)
  • EBOOK: (SHORT STORY): This Time Around (Feb 2013)
  • EBOOK (COLLECTED DIGITAL SHORT STORIES): Bumps in the NIght: Creepy Campfire Tales (available on Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords) (July 2012)
  • ARTICLE/ESSAY/CHAPTER/EBOOK: "Reinventing the Book World from the Bottom Up" Alternative Futures for What We Currently Call Publishing (edited by Jerome Martin) - FREE.  This collection of insightful essays about publishing includes embedded links to videos, audio and other web resources that add value/perspective to the issues and topics covered
  • EBOOK:  (SHORT STORY): Prospero's Ghost (co-written with Kimberly Foottit) - reprint of story appearing in CAMPUS CHILLS. Amazon (99 cents), Kobo (free), Smashwords (free), B&N (free) (June 2012)
  • ARTICLE: "Amazon and the Independent Store" on The Mark News (Dec 27, 2011)
  • EBOOK: (COLLECTED DIGITAL ARTICLES):  Living at the Tip: Navigating the Digital Tipping Point of the Book World (December 2011)
  • EBOOK: (DIGITAL COLLECTION):  Snowmen Shivers: Scary Snowmen Tales - reprints of That Old Silk Hat They Found and Ides of March (Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo) (December 2011)
  • EBOOK: (DIGITAL COLLECTION):  Tricky Treats: Three Halloween Stories - reprints of But Once A Year, Treats and Tricky Treater (Smashwords, Amazon ) (October 2011)
  • ARTICLE: "A Turning Point for the Publishing Industry" on The Mark News (August 11, 2011)
  • ARTICLE: "The E-Smudge of Death" on The Mark News (August 8, 2011)
  • EBOOK: (DIGITAL COLLECTION): Active Reader & Other Cautionary Tales from the Book World - reprint of the previously published stories Active Reader, Browsers and Distractions (KindleKoboSmashwords)
  • EBOOK: (SHORT STORY): Spirits on Amazon Kindle, and Kobo (June 2011)
  • ARTICLE: "Is CanLit in Trouble in the Age of the E-Reader?" on The Mark News (April 10, 2011)
  • STORY:  "Nocturnal Visions" in FEAR OF THE DARK (March 2011)
  • STORY: "Little Things" in Necrotic Tissue #13 (Jan 21, 2011)
  • STORY: (Twitter-length story) "Baby Blues" in PicFic by Folded Word (Oct 5, 2010)
  • ARTICLE: "Territorial Publishing Rights (Obsolete in 10 Years)" on The Mark News (July 19, 2010)
  • ARTICLE: "Taking the High Road in Publishing" on The Mark News (June 4, 2010)
  • ARTICLE: "Buying Books in Canada" on The Mark News (May 20, 2010)
  • ARTICLE: "How Much Should an Ebook Cost?" on The Mark News (April 7, 2010)
  • ARTICLE:  "Choice is King" as part of 7.5 Ideas for Fixing Canadian Publishing in Quill & Quire (April 2010)
  • ARTICLE:  "Does Google Books Do No Evil?" on The Mark News (March 3, 2010)
  • ARTICLE: "Better Booksellers Together"in Canadian Bookseller magazine. (Spring 2010)
  • ARTICLE: "Will the iPad Kill the Book Industry?" on The Mark News (Feb 19, 2010)
  • ARTICLE: "Add Value, Not Price" on The Mark News (Feb 9, 2010) 
  • ARTICLE: "Self-Publishing Made Easy" on The Mark News (Jan 29, 2010) 
  • ARTICLE: "Best Books of Past Decade" on The Mark News (Jan 4, 2010) - Includes special online audio interview of Mark talking about the future of reading.
  • ARTICLE: "All That's Old is New Again" on The Mark News (Dec 3, 2009) 
  • ARTICLE: "The Future of Publishing in Here" on The Mark News (Nov 16, 2009) - Includes special online audio interview of Mark talking about books weathering the digital storm.
  • ARTICLE:  "The Lost Children of Academia" in Canadian Bookseller magazine. (Fall 2009)
  • STORY: "Prospero's Ghost"(co-written with Kimberly Foottit) in CAMPUS CHILLS (Oct 2009) 
  • STORY:  "Less of a Man" in Necrotic Tissue #7 (July 2009)
  • POEM: "Daddy's Girl" in Everyday Weirdness - June 21, 2009
  • STORY: (Untitled Twitter length story) in Tweet the Meat (June 25, 2009)
  • ARTICLE:  "Rallying Cry of the Remainder: I'm Not Dead Yet!" in Canadian Bookseller magazine (June 2009)
  • STORY: (Untitled Twitter length story) in Tweet the Meat (June 8, 2009)
  • INTERVIEW:  Mark's interview with Douglas Smith appears in The Official Movie Companion Book to Douglas Smith's BY HER HAND, SHE DRAWS YOU DOWN. (March 2009) 
  • ARTICLE:"Word of Mouth 2.0" in Canadian Bookseller magazine. (Spring 2009) 
  • STORY:  "The Shadow Men" in Northern Haunts anthology. (Feb 2009) 
  • STORY:  "Captive Audience" in Champagne Shivers magazine (Feb 2009) 
  • STORY:  "Switch" in Black Ink Horror magazine (Jan 2009)  
  • ARTICLE:  "What Have You Done for me Lately?" in Canadian Bookseller magazine (Fall 2008)  
  • ARTICLE:  "A Test of Character" Article about author Sean Costello) in Canadian Bookseller magazine (Summer 2008) 
  • ESSAY:  "Afterward" in THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE:  Stories and Poetry From Family Caregivers edited by Kathleen M. Banchoff (Summer 2008) 
  • ARTICLE:  "Do You Hear What I Hear?" (Podcast Novels) in Canadian Bookseller magazine (Spring 2008)
  • STORY:  "Distractions" (Reprint) in HELP! An anthology of horror, fantasy and SF benefiting Preditors and Editors (Spring 2008)
  • STORY (Reprint): "Browsers" in the anthology BOUND FOR EVIL: CURIOUS TALES OF BOOKS GONE BAD edited by Tom English and published by Dead Letter Press (March 2008)  
  • STORY: "Active Reader" in the Feb 2008 edition of Dissections: The Journal of Contemporary Horror (Entire story available to read online) (Feb 2008) 
  • STORY:  Special Limited Edition Chapbook - "Relic" - written by Michael Kelly, Mark Leslie and Carol Weekes exclusively for August 25th appearance at Bakka-Phoenix Bookstore in Toronto. (August 2007)
  • STORY: "Being Needed" in the anthology BLUFFS, edited by Laurence Steven (May 2006) -
  • POEM: "Electric Fire" in the lit mag HAMMERED OUT # 8, edited by Frances Ward (May 2006) -
  • STORY: "Looking Through Glass" in the anthology STARDUST, edited by Julie E Czerneda (November 2001) -
  • STORY: "Distractions" in the WORLD FANTASY CON 2001 CD-Rom, edited by Nancy Kilpatrick (November 2001). Reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • STORY: "It Creeps Up On You" (co-authored with Carol Weekes) in the WORLD FANTASY CON 2001 CD-Rom, edited by Nancy Kilpatrick (November 2001). Reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • STORY: "Mad Crow & Forest Fox" (co-authored with several other authors) in THE RED, RED ROBIN PROJECT, CD-Rom anthology, all profits from sale of anthology donated to the Oklahoma City women's shelter. Brian A. Hopkins, editor. Lone Wolf Publications (April 2000)
  • STORY:  "Requiem" in Darkness Within #2 (Autumn 1999 issue). Reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • STORY: Reprint of  a revised version of "Hand in Marriage"  in the onzine ezine Pillow Screams Oct/Nov 1999 issue.
  • POETRY:  "At The Halloween Party" in Crossroads #22/23 (Double issue)
  • POETRY:  "Marriage of Convenience", "With Apologies to E.P." & "Tit for Tat" in Twisted Devotion #1. "WIth Apologies to E.P. was reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • STORY:  "Erratic Cycles" in Parsec Vol 3, No 2 Winter 1998/1999. Reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • STORY:  "Browsers" in Challenging Destiny #5. Reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • STORY:  "The Bogeyman Can" in imelod Vol 4, Issue 12. Reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • POETRY:  "The Devil You Know" & "Halloween Party" in Crossroads #21
  • STORY:  "Treats" -- Crossroads #19. Reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • STORY"  That Old Silk Hat They Found" -- Strange Wonderland #1. Reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • STORY:  "From Out of the Night" -- The Darker Woods #2. Reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • STORY:  "Nervous Twitching" & POETRY "Blood Dreams", "Unforgiven Night", "Frost After Midnight", "There is a Low & Fearful Cry" & "Into the Night" in Northwords (Fall 96). "Nervous Twitching", "Blood Dreams", "Frost After Midnight" and "There Is A Low & Fearful Cty" reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • POETRY:  "The Perfect Crime" & " Holiday Demons" in Crossroads #16. "Holiday Demons" reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • STORY:  "Hand in Marriage" -- Crossroads #15
  • STORY:  "But Once A Year" -- Crossroads #11. Reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • STORY:  "Tricky Treater" -- Crossroads #10. Reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • POETRY:  "Wailin Jenny" & "Old Clyde " -- Thin Ice #XV. "Wailin Jenny" reprinted in One Hand Screaming.
  • STORY:  "Phantom Mitch" -- Wicked Mystic" #22 -- (This story, Mark's first published horror fiction, received Honorable Mention in THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY & HORROR #7 (Edited by Datlow & Windling). Reprinted in One Hand Screaming.

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